Thank you for your generous support during this period in which we cannot be open for business.

At this time, we have ended this phase of the Staff Support Effort.

Sidetrack has provided the staff with a Covid-19 Leave Payment and the Staff Support Donations funds that have been raised are being divided among our tipped staff.

Sidetrack has always been a community gathering place. At the center of these gatherings has been the Sidetrack Staff. Here to help you get Sidetrack’d by sharing a laugh, a tear, a napkin toss, a congratulatory shot, a funny story, a Show Tune “call back”, a compassionate ear, or a fundraising event.

We value our customer base which has spanned over 38 years and now reaches across the globe. We value the ways in which you interact with our staff to create unforgettable memories. Right now, we can’t make these memories in person, but be sure to follow us on Social Media, Sign-up for our emails and stay tuned for some virtual interactions to tide us over until we can meet again.

For those who have donated, we will have your Sidetrack Dollars waiting when we reopen. If you have any questions please email us at

Thank you for getting Sidetrack’d for 38 years, and for many more to come! We’ll see you soon!

Much Love,
Team Sidetrack