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The Line UP

Special Events

Tuesday, September 2
Outspoken, First Hand LGBTQ Storytelling
Doors at 6pm, Stories 7pm.

Storytellers include: Archy Jamjun, Lauren Sivak, Shaun Sperling, Laura Stempel, Dr. Patrick Tranmer & Angelica Ross

Saturday, September 27

Dog Day Saturday Afternoon 2-5pm
In the Courtyard and SideBar

This Week

Sunday, August 31; Open 1pm
Supersized Show Tunes
4pm-10pm, For singing out loud.
60s / 70s 10pm-2am, Flashback with a beat.

Monday, September 1
HAPPY LABOR DAY! We're Opening at 1pm.
Show Tunes
8pm-2am: For singing out loud. RoofDeck is open.

Tuesday, September 2; Open 3pm
Divas; 8pm-2am, Celebrating the women we love.

Outspoken, First Hand LGBTQ Storytelling
Doors at 6pm, Stories 7pm.

Wednesday, September 3; Open 3pm
#woofwednesday; 8pm-2am, Sidetrack but rough around the edges.

Thursday, September 4; Open 3pm
Happy Thursday
Comedy Video 8pm - Midnight: Upbeat Music 'til 2am
Start your weekend in a Happy Place!

Friday, September 5; Open 3pm
Out Early Show Tunes 5pm 9pm, For singing out loud.

Saturday, September 6; Open 1pm
Classic Sidetrack 'til 9pm, Favorite Sidetrack videos.
High Energy 9pm-3am: Feel the energy of the weekend.

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Mondays-Friday: 3pm-2am
Saturday: 1pm-3am
Sunday: 1pm-2am




Contact Us:
3349 North Halsted
Chicago, IL 60657
ph. 773-477-9189
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