OUTspoken is now a Podcast – ON THE MIC: OUTSPOKEN LGBTQ+ STORYTELLING at Sidetrack!  OUTspoken is Chicago’s monthly storytelling event celebrating uniquely personal stories from across the LGBTQ community. OUTspoken is normally held on the first Tuesday of each month at Sidetrack. Due to the Pandemic, we are unable to meet in person as this time but now offer a Virtual OUTspoken Edition via Zoom (the next Virtual OUTspoken will be Tuesday, March 2). 

Since its inception, we have recorded all audio from the stories each month and have had the intention of creating a podcast around these stories.  Since we cannot currently meet in person, we saw this as a great time to move forward with creating the podcast. 

Our seventh Podcast features stories by Darryl Heller, Kim L. Hunt and Channyn Lynne Parker.  The podcast is hosted and produced by Devlyn Camp.

Check out the Seventh Episode of ON THE MIC: OUTSPOKEN LGBTQ+ STORYTELLING at Sidetrack available on:

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